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Updated: Sep 29, 2020

We have obsessed with the things which are with us many time.. Like the things we belongs to, carry with us, live with us, we get impacted by them very much. Like if we are living with a person from another place, we automatically get tuned with his/her communication accent. Isn't it?

Yes we do.

You may have heard this, think positive, live positive etc... But if we are using wrong things, so how can we expect good results? Some are working smoothly, and getting successful very soon.. And some are struggling since so long.. I have seen many cases like this. Some study hard and get results, and some get results in few study! Finally, everyone has to have great fortune! Bhagya se Bahot kuchh Milta hai!

Think on it...

As I said in the starting of this blog, we have to be surrounded with the things we want to be in future. We are carrying mobile 24 hours with us. If few moments with any person gives us any good or bad results, then the mobile number which is with us everywhere, everytime, how much it will make our life or destroy it.

Yes, our number predict our future. And That is the one thing which we can change.. Easily!

People will recognize you when you have big bank balance, name, fame, and success. So number can predict everything related to this all... And we can change it if our present number is predicting negative about this all..

If our number predict our life.. The new one can make it greater!!!

I have seen many struggling youth and seniors, after changing their numbers as per my unique method of Numerology, those all are working great in respective fields. Many got chance to get published on screens, newspapers and center of attraction!

Number can make you popular!

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