Corona epidemiology and astrological analysis

On November 28, 2019, a 6-planet alliance/combination, namely Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Ketu and Pluto. When the most planetary alliance/combinations ever happened, the most horrific situation in the world has been experienced till now. As soon as February 8, 1962, 8 planets left Rahu and joined together in Capricorn. China became a war in India that same year. On May 15, 2002, when six planets came together in Taurus, there were riots and attacks on Parliament in India, as were attacks on the world trade center. On December 26, 2019, 7 planets were in the zodiac sign Sagittarius, the Moon, Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Ketu, Mercury and Pluto. The sight of an elusive planet like Rahu on it. And Mars in Scorpio. Although the Corona was launched in early November, the cause of the 7-planet in fire sign alliance in December and the strong staying in the Rahu's air zones on it. When more and more planets come together, there are various sudden and strange events like zodiac sign's nature. Due to the fact that Rahu is in the air of Mercury's dimorphic zodiac, Rahu caused illness through the virus and the Virus was spreading rapidly! If Saturn means iron and Jupiter means gold, then if Saturn and Jupiter were in one zodiac, iron struck gold or struck gold on iron; Likewise, Saturn Jupiter Yuti Combination proved to be a guru. Here Jupiter Ketu Alliance gives Ketu the good qualities of Guru and brings him benefits! So the virus spread rapidly! On January 17, 2020, the Ketu Sagittarius entered the constellation of demonic origins, its origin, and from this date onwards, the Corona crisis was inflicted on India and other Countries like US. Next, Saturn enters Capricorn on January 24, 2020 and Saturn in Capricorn has given a lot of trouble so far. During the same period, high level meetings took place in the context of Corona. Currently Mars is in Capricorn and along with it is Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn. There is no Aspect of Mars on Rahu at this time. And Rahu is in the constellation, ie, Ardara, in the sharp constellation of gas. At this time, Rahu is doing his job and the impact of the virus on the human race is huge. Since Jupiter is in Capricorn Saturn in the same zodiac sign, all activities related to Jupiter seem to have been postponed. As all religious places are closed at present, schools and colleges, courts, big businesses as well as all industries, trade shops, big hotels, malls under Venus and Guru, cinema houses etc. are closed.In the coming days when Rahu will enter the constellation of Mars and the sight of Mars on Rahu Happen, Rahu will be reduced. Currently, the special status of the planets is not changing anytime soon in April, so they are more likely to increase lockdown. The severity of the virus will gradually decrease after May 11, 2020, and the alliance of the 4 planets of the Moon, Sun, Venus and Mercury in the Amavasya and Taurus zones, on May 22, is indicative of adverse events. During this period, the yoga of the death of a famous actress and actor is strong, and there are strong indications of the death of a senior government official. After May 23, the outbreak of the Corona virus will decrease, with lockdown looming in many countries around the world, and the work will slowly start to take off. In the near future, the world will receive special vaccines and medicines for this virus. Educational institutes will start running less frequently. After June 22, 2020, the effects of the corona virus will be greatly reduced. It will not end completely but the crisis will go away! In this period, the stock price will start to rise again as recreation, financial institutions, industrial institutions are restored. Yet the next period would be unfavorable for oil, petrol, dairy business. Big business is going to take a long time to progress, and some businesses will be in big trouble for the next 2 years. In August 2020, the side effects of the virus will be greatly reduced and a new life will be created in all the world. After September 25, 2020, the virus will almost certainly be destroyed and create an atmosphere of excitement in the world! Stock market value will rise, gold prices will fall, and prices will fall drastically. The Sensex will be around 39200 and the Nifty will be around 14000. Shares in banks, finance, software and telecoms will rise. Astrologer - Chaitanya Ambure, Aurangabad 10/04/2020 +91 9130913199 Mail on-

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