Advance KPKB predictive Astrology Course

Namaste Everyone!


I am Launching the Predictive Astrology Course Named "The Edge Of the Predictive Astrology".

It will be Specially based on Advance KPKB astrology Method and the Transit Of Dasa system. This will be the method which can predict very fine prediction about everyone in every aspect of Life. And this theory will not be found in Any books.

The main content will be...

•The planets and its signification

•12 Houses and its important properties

•Stars/Nakshatra Lords

•How does things happens

•Selection of Planets, Dasas, Transit, And to predict the period and date of any prediction.

• To predict Accurate dates of receiving Cash! And many more Important Aspects of life.

• Health, Longevity, Education, Career, Profession, Business, Profit, Loss, Stock Market Analysis, Relationship, Live In, Marriage and 100 questions about it, Litigation, Child, Remedy, Auspicious Muhurta and many more Subjects.

• Fees 699 $ USD. 17599₹ inr only.

•Course is Starting From 27th October 2020, per week 2/3 Lectures.

• 3 hours seminar is on 21st October 2020, Seminar Fees will be 501/- INR, AND 21$USD.

• Interested please contact me on mail_

Whatsapp/call +91 9922571231


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